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EYRO Guide

Guide: Music for youth inclusion

This document is the first result of the EYRO project.

It is a Handbook, including 9 modules which will take the learner through a training programme aimed at music teachers to foster social inclusion processes for young people.

By following the modules, the meaning of inclusion through music and through orchestra will become clear.

What is an EYRO Music Lab?

A Music Lab is a physical space where a trained EYRO music teacher works with young vulnerable people (NEET, youth with addictions, youth with migratory background, victims of violence etc…) by teaching them to play music together as an orchestra.


Module contents

  1. Introduction to EYRO
  2. Emotional Intelligence skills
  3. The orchestra: playing together to overcome the individual
  4. Using MUSIC LABS to engage vulnerable youth
  5. Outreach and engagement strategies
  6. The EU as a perspective for young people
  7. Teaching to play with others: the orchestra
  8. Dynamics of an orchestra
  9. Technology to support remote orchestra
  10. Closing