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Ajuntament de Guadassuar


“Guadassuar is a small municipality in the Valencian Community, Spain, belonging to the province of Valencia, in the region of Ribera Alta. Ribera Alta.

Guadassuar is located 30 km from Valencia. The population is around 6,000 inhabitants. In recent years immigrants from Romania, Bulgaria and other Eastern countries have settled in the town.

The Guadassuar Town Council promotes various social, economic and cultural activities with the aim of spreading local culture, knowledge and traditions within and outside its community and involving citizens in active participation in the social life of the community.

The municipality of Guadassuar is very committed to the use of new technologies, promoting various initiatives related to the use of new technologies and communication through social networks among citizens. Some of the activities that are developed in Guadassuar, promoted by the City Council with the collaboration of other local entities, are:

– The “”Readers Club””: an initiative coordinated by the Public Library of Guadassuar.

– Various activities for local youth: with the aim of promoting the active participation of young people in the municipality.

– The event “”Drawing for Equality””: art exhibition and Music performance to raise awareness about gender equality.

– “”Feminist Trivia””, held at the Casa de la Cultura de Guadassuar (House of Culture) on International Women’s Day, and coordinated by the local Department of Equality.

– Several initiatives to raise awareness about healthy lifestyle and nutrition habits.

– Campaigns to raise awareness and promote solidarity: “”Ser Donant no pasa de moda””, an initiative to inform and involve the population in blood donations, and the campaign entitled “”Carretera Segura”” (Safe Road).

The City Council is firmly committed to keeping traditions alive. Therefore, initiatives are being taken to pursue this goal. Among them

– The Easter Week Photography Contest

– Las Fallas: a traditional celebration, deeply rooted in the history of the Valencian Community.
– Renaissance Music Concerts, Renaissance Music Concerts, performed with traditional musical instruments Guadassuar has a great musical tradition, so music is a fundamental element in all local festivals and celebrations, a fundamental element in all local festivals and celebrations.

The Town Hall also manages an Auditorium, where concerts and artistic performances are held. The Department of Education, Sports and Festivities of the City Council of Guadassuar has participated in several Erasmus projects related to social inclusion, education and immigration.(Please provide it in English and then in your language)”